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Have You Built Your Life List Yet?

April 12, 2013


What's Really Important to You?

"Throughout our lives, many of us may find ourselves changing direction in careers, however, writing has been a part of my life. There has always been this burning desire to share with others."

A few years ago I was watching Ellen on television & they were talking about a life list, a list that a girl made of all the things that she wanted to accomplish by the end of her life. If I recall she was diagnosed with cancer, don't quote me on that though, I'm not positive. The list contained things similar to a traditional resolution list, but it also included goals that were for fun rather than an accomplishment or need; such as sky diving or learn how to knit.

But I was thinking to myself that the term "Life List" seemed so much more in depth to me. To contain more meaningful things. I guess it was just the way I interpreted it. Not to knock the traditional resolution list, Lord knows, we all need improvement, right? But what about things that are more in depth? Things that a person never really "graduate" from? Those daily challenges that we face over and over again?

Many people have a New Year Resolution, a list of goals that we plan and hope to accomplish by the end of the year. These things can be a wide variety of things (usually things "needed" to be accomplished), such as buy a home, lose weight, quit smoking, go back to school, etc.

Anyway, as I was watching the show, I kept thinking these thoughts as well as what in particular I had in mind that would be included in my life list. I was inspired! I even thought to myself that this would make a fantastic scrapbook page, a creative way to document my personal thoughts. So I made this page with 20 different items & I have to tell ya, I think it's one of my favorites. But more importantly than the scrapbook page is that it is something that I do try to focus on...on a daily basis. I strive, no matter how hard it may seem some days, to maintain this list with as much balance in my life as I humanly can.

But I thought I would share this with you all because I know I am not the only person in the world who is concerned about self improvement. So as you take a peek into my personal life, consider what you might have on your own life list, and maybe even embark on making a life list (not necessarily a scrapbook page, just the list) for yourself. Perhaps you might even want to put it away for your children when they grow up, a tangible item for them to hold on to after your gone. It will give your children one day or whoever reads it in later days, a glimpse into who you truly are deep down.

"Nancy's Life List"

  1. Keep a close relationship with God.

  2. Be a loving and caring wife.

  3. Listen to my kids with a caring ear.

  4. Help others in need.

  5. Be a better person.

  6. Explore nature & it's beauty.

  7. Honor my mother.

  8. Be good to myself.

  9. Live joyfully.

  10. Practice gratitude, humility, compassion & forgiveness.

  11. Laugh everyday.

  12. Know Jack spiritually. (This is my son who passed away)

  13. Provide the safest, most loving & understanding place for my kids to rely on.

  14. Remember my father with peace. (passed away)

  15. Be the best friend my husband needs me to be.

  16. Remember my past & where I came from.

  17. Trust in my dreams & fly.

  18. Keep my family close together.

  19. Regret nothing, it's my soul's strengths.

  20. Live to learn.....more about life.
--- Copyright © 2013 Nancy Horton
A mother, wife, and inspirational/motivational writer, Nancy currently has one book self-published thorough Amazon called "Life's Daily Challenges - Discovering joy through your journey in life". It is a small book that covers the most common problems such as addiction, relationships, or career change for example, to help guide you in a positive direction. She also has a forum, which is a spin-off from the book, also called "Life's Daily Challenges", where people can go for interactive support.

Stop by and say hi: lifesdailychallenges.7forum.net/

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