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October 4, 2013


Is your momentum carrying you in the right direction?

Are you gaining on your goals and objectives?

Have you stopped to think of what you practice in your daily living?

Are you doing your best or is just adequate good enough?

To achieve your best requires right decisions. It entails making good choices. Choices create momentum for good or for bad.

Have you stopped to think how momentum affects your life? For example, to allow you to do shoddy work one time and then again is to create momentum. The third time is like an avalanche; hard to stop. And then, with the fourth time on, is virtually guaranteed.

If you add the cookies, potato chips, and colas into the shopping cart each week, you're making a poor selection. It's not difficult to put in the fruits and water instead. Know that wrong thinking leads you to poor decisions. By the same token, right choices and decisions build momentum to carry you to even greater successes. Momentum building choices become your character. Done long enough, they become a better you.

Thank God that with a little effort, you can change your poor choices by making only slight direction changes. Once you have changed momentum of the downward slide, it's easy to stop the slide. Make a few right decisions and your entire destiny can change. Most of the time the difference between horrible, devastating failure and grand, glorious success is only a miniscule bit apart.

Remind yourself of how important each hour and each decision is. Change your momentum to the right and see how it carries you to achievement and success.

--- Copyright © 2013 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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