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Loving You Is Loving Me

June 21, 2013


In order for us to love one another we must love ourselves
In order for us to care for one another we must care for ourselves
Laying next you as you wrap yourself around me is breathtaking
Waking up next you is beautiful
The happiness that shines in your eyes
Is the reflection of what my heart has for you.
Knowing you are by my side
The best of me walks with pride.
The accent of love that flows in your words
When you speak, resonates confidence
That you feel what I am giving you.
Contentment is the peace living in the soul.
I am your protector you run too when pain is chasing you.
I am your comforter when insecurities of the enemies disrupt your serenity.
I am your confidant where your heart whispers mysteries and find security.
Something vibes between us
You are me and I am you we are one in one accord
The meeting of our minds is stimulating
Conformed to one another's senses, we complete a poetic sound
Loving you is, loving me

--- Copyright © 2013 JenOfPoetry™

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