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Can You Recognize A Bully?

September 13, 2013


The Bully

You may think you can recognize me, but I guarantee if you're not watching or listening very close, you won't. Your attention will be down the hall, watching those other two girls shouting, arguing over a boy's call.

If you were watching or listening real close, you might recognize me in her face. She's the one you have come to expect, bouncing down the halls, with that big contagious smile. The one with the laughter that comes from someplace down deep; a laughter that echoes throughout your soul.

However, if you were looking and listening, just a little closer, though very subtle, you would notice something missing. Like a single missed note in an entire orchestra of instruments, the musician would most certainly know he missed a note. The composer too, for his ears are highly sensitive and well trained.

Her smile a little forced, her laughter now shallow, with no echoes left behind. Her sparkle, her light, now a little dim and not nearly as bright.

Do you recognize me yet?

Are her tears really from laughing, as she claims? If you were looking close, you would notice me, the bully, in her tears. You won't see any bruises, scrapes or bumps; they're hidden too well. I'm careful to place them, in just the right spot, down deep in her heart.

I'm very good at disguising the bully inside of me. I just whisper a tiny lie here and there. Nothing too big and nothing too small, it has to be believable after all. I talk to my target as well, but everything I say, is in a joking way, "I bet your mom dresses you and even does your hair." LOL LOL

I'm so good at what I do; her friends think it's funny too. They don't know my intentions are cruel, or their friend feels like a fool. My biggest fear is being found out, but I'm sure you're watching those girls down the hall, the ones that scream and shout. Oh, I'm very good at hiding out.

--- Copyright © 2013 Theresa Gober
I wrote this from the eyes of a bully after my own daughter experienced this type of bullying. As the new school year begins, we must be diligent as parents and educators in recognizing all types of bullying. Whether our child is being bullied or the one doing the bullying, may we work together to help our children feel safe, secure and loved. Take a moment to talk to your kids about bullying and the importance of kindness to one another.

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