WITHOUT LIMITS: Dancing In My Pedals

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Released September 6, 2013

Miles Patrick Yohnke on his bike

Foreword By Adrienne Whitner

Miles Patrick Yohnke is a brilliant mind, an amazing soul. He is a rare and precious jewel, a treasure awaiting the world's discovery. He's deep. He's real. He's true. Miles does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Therein lies his power to motivate and inspire others to action. Words backed by action alone have the power to touch, move, and inspire others.

Most people are subjected to their bodies, they let their bodies tell them what to do, a lower energy field. To reach that point where your mind dictates to your body, that is the world in which Miles exist. That energy field, boundless, limitless. He vibrates at a very high energy field.

It was said that when Mother Theresa or Gandhi walked into a village, that their very presence raised the level of consciousness in the village. Through his insight, wisdom, knowledge, discipline, and service to humanity, Miles raises the consciousness of those around him.

I am deeply indebted to Miles, overwhelmingly grateful for him, for pushing me to be all that I can and should be, so that I'm not like the millions of others who die with their songs in their heart.

Adrienne Whitner
5th Grade Teacher
South Carolina, USA

strong legs are needed to ride a bike - Miles Patrick Yohnke

WITHOUT LIMITS: Dancing In My Pedals

I like what is between your legs--nice bike! That is our cycling humor.

Ever do something that just engulfs your body? You feel totally alive? Cycling is one of those for me. Some time ago I was asked: "Miles, why do you love cycling so much?" At the time I really didn't have an answer, or the correct one. Shortly after, I realized that it was an event with my brother.

I was six, perhaps seven, and had just learned to ride a bike. Weeks later, he [then fifteen or sixteen] said, "We are cycling to Grandma and Grandpa's." From Greystone Heights to Richmond Heights.

Down busy College Drive, over a bridge and a river. Six miles each way. A Thursday night. My mind was racing. Heart pumping furiously. Fear. Excitement. Breathless. I still remember, to this day, the kaleidoscope of emotions. I remember thinking, "I must keep up to him and I can't fall over." My little legs turned those pedals. We made it home safely.

Each and every time I get in the saddle, those emotions course through me. Excitement. Fear. Alive. Being in the moment, present, the timeless Now. A tour de force of the mind, body and soul.

There are times that I ride to push my limits. Throwing my body into chaos. Tapping into the vast storehouse of unlimited, unmanifested human potential.

How far can I push the body? This machine. Many days are like this --like some kind of study of the human condition. Others can be more of a leisure ride. Lost--so lost in the joys of carefree wondering that even the hustle and bustle of a noisy highway can become quiet, like a library.

One does not necessarily have to go to a tranquil beach or behold a beautiful sunset to find real beauty. Real beauty is found in oneself. It's not a location, the location is you. To truly travel is to travel within. That's the ultimate vacation.

You can write things like that out there. Or perhaps, anywhere. It is possible if one allots time, real time. I truly believe we need to escape each day. Have time to ourselves, with ourselves, to go purposefully within ourselves.

With that, many things occur. One recharges, not their smartphone battery, but more importantly, their own eternal battery. One detoxes from the day-to-day grind of society, removing the pollution of negativity and stress.

Tapping into the vital life force that can be found only in the inner realms, one gets back on the path to one's True self. Like the energizer bunny, one is able to keep going and going and going...body revived, soul restored, spirit renewed.

One has to allot time each day for this. If not, your chain slips, breaks, and no real forward momentum develops.

As I'm clipped into my pedals while turning over the 53 tooth crank, I think of my late father, friends that died too soon, kids in wheelchairs. Grateful that I can. Not taking health or life for granted.

My father was killed in a tragic potash mine accident when I was five. October 17th, 1968. I'm sure the thought never crossed his mind that he wouldn't have an October 18th, 1968. Or, that plate of bacon and eggs cooked by mom would be his last meal.

From that experience, I learned that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, that we have to be our best today. Today is all that we really have. Now is all there is.

Life is hard-work. Life is tough. There are no guarantees. There is no fairy god mother floating in the sky or genie to grant our every wish. There is no magic pill to rid life of it's pain, sorrow and heartache. There are no shortcuts. Period.

Once we get this, stop resisting what is, we can begin the process of awakening from the illusion, thinking that we need things outside ourselves to make us happy. Behind this veil of illusion, one is guaranteed to find all the joy, beauty, and meaning that life gifts to us.

The cycling time trial is truly a 'race of truth'. Saturday, July 7th, 2012, I would create my best result - 46.5 km (28.8 miles) time trial of 58 minutes. Results are joyful. The exhilaration of beating your personal best is indescribable.

When one creates his or her best, the most wonderful feeling comes from it. You've created a result that no one can take from you. As it is said: "It is better to execute then to be executed."

It's one thing to watch sports, but it sure is far more enjoyable partaking in your own life. If that be sports at your community gym, activities at the local rec center, or anything else that gets you up and moving.

Life is not a spectator sport. It's about getting engrossed in your own life. Not sitting on the sidelines, waiting for opportunity to come grab you by the hand. Not living vicariously through another's life. Vegging out on the couch, eating a triple bypass burger or mindlessly snacking on calorie laden, artery clogging, chemically altered food. Passive. Drinking, even tweeting about it. Spending countless hours on Facebook posting mindless, empty, trivial info about one's self or perusing other's Facebook page to read meaningless information about people you don't even know well.

One must ask the questions: did all that posting and reading on Facebook improve my life? Did I learn something new, gain valuable insight, become a more compassionate and caring human being?

To live one's best life, one must become engaged to something in their life. One must play full out. Living one's life as if one's life depended on it. A sense of urgency.

One must awaken, stop sleepwalking through life. Heed the knock at the door. Real passion stands there waiting. Take hold, for the passionate pursuit of it will take you on an exhilarating ride of unspeakable joy.

So, I look down and enjoy what is between my legs, my old friend--my vintage bike frame. Purchased in August of 1987. The places we have been. The people that we have met, and the life lessons I've learned along the way. I really didn't plan all this when I purchased the bike. The journey, in ways, found me. This life without limits.

Powerful legs are needed to ride a bike the distance

picture of Bianchi Bike

With this endless prairie sky and the sound of nature, I dance in my pedals.

Copyright 2012 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

Miles Patrick Yohnke in 2013. Born in 1963. - Canadian writer and supporter of MotivateUs.com

Miles Patrick Yohnke in 2013. Born in 1963

Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing.

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