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The Love You Have For Your Mother

August 2, 2013


This poem is all about how much I love my mother who inspired me, cared for me, and induced some of the great qualities which made me unique and I wished to be like her but somehow I feel...


Your unconditional love for me,
Your strong dislike towards my enemy,
Your aggressive expression to my critic,
I have never tried to understand that logic.

You have carefully induced strength and courage,
At times passionately handled my rage.
I have never been able to reciprocate that feeling for you,
Mama, I'm just not as good as you.

Your never tiring and positive attitude,
Your consoling tone after every bad episode,
Your unconditional support to make me feel good,
You have made me, the best way you could.

You have never tired of making me feel like in heaven,
You have glorified my qualities time and again,
You are a HEAVENLY SOUL , I wish to be like you,
Mama, I'm just not as good as you.

--- Copyright © 2013 Swarna Prabha Kar (Mrs.)

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