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You Make A Difference

March 15, 2013



Have you stopped to realize the importance you may hold in other's lives? Are you the motivation someone is looking to as his or her mentor? Are you the inspiration someone is seeking as they face challenges in their lives? Are you the cog that keeps the wheel of hope alive in someone? There are others in this life that need you. Your being is the reason someone cares. You have a grave responsibility in your living.

So, put value in each and every day. There are plans to make, goals to realize, and work to be completed. Your service is required. Go forward with fervor. Be happy for others along the way. It'll bring you joy in your own living. You have great powers when you expect the best. Expect the best from everyone you meet. You carry the seed of great dreams. Let yours grow and blossom today.

Realize the brevity of life and you'll look at living in a more eternal scope. As you go forward, understand that God is the reason for your living. Your light will shine brightly for others as you live for Him. He'll quiet your ego and make you realize the One who is really important. Reach out to Him. He's already reaching out to you. Touch others through your living for Him. God has given you reason for living.

--- Copyright © 2013 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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