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Love Is  A Wonderful Feeling

April 12, 2013


Finding Heaven
(How Rare To Find On Earth)

I could never have imagined finding someone like you

Never thought I could be amazed and moved, but believe me it is true

Thoughts of you are with me throughout each day

Your sweetness, your kindness, a feeling I never want to go away

When I see you, I get a feeling that simply warms my heart

This feeling has been inside me from the very start

Nothing I have ever know has made me feel like this

I now understand what if feels like to find true bliss

My soul tells me this is so very real

Logic doesn't answer that, it is just the way I feel

Some things about you that I can find the words to describe

Your touch, your look, when I look in your eyes

The things we have in common, what we believe

Things we want to do, places we want to go, how we perceive

Then there are things that words can never explain

Which makes this so different, and certainly not insane

When I hold your hand the world just feels right

When I kiss your lips, my heart goes on an upward flight

How we talk and the things that we say

How we get each other, it seems in every way

Each one of us, strong and sufficient on our own

Together we are invincible, two are stronger than one alone

When we are together so much tells me that we belong

Never have I been moved like this, so I know I am not wrong

The times we are away, and we seem to be apart

You are never far from me, you stay here in my heart

Some would say how crazy to know this, the time is new

But when you find your soul mate, it is not the clock that is the glue

It is so good right now, you may wonder in the future will it be you who I adore

I know it will as each day with you is better than the one before

Some things in life words and common sense can never express

Especially when every fabric of you tells you this feeling will never be less

One could run, one could hide, and one could give in to fear

That would be so wrong, when all you want is the other person near

Seconds, minutes, days, months and years

Time cannot be measured; it is the heart that perseveres

A number is just a number, one, three, five, seven

Kelly, when I found you, I knew that I discovered Heaven

--- Copyright © 2013 Mitchell D. Orapello

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