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The Question Is Why?

July 12, 2013



One of the toughest questions we hear today is, "Why?" In life's pathway, we look at the good and the bad, always with the same question, "WHY?" We see the pain, the hurt, and the suffering in today's world. We ask ourselves, "WHY?" We see men's trials, the temptations, the injustices, the cruelties, the unfairness, the inequities, and we ask, "WHY?"

We see some men conquer their fears and overcome great obstacles. We see lowly men rise to prestigious positions. We see others who falter and can't keep a job or their self-respect. "WHY?"

We see the joy in a parent's eyes as they view their first born child. We see the hurt in the eyes of the parents of a stillborn. "WHY?" We see the joy in the family whose loved one has survived a major illness. We see the pain in the family whose loved one didn't survive.

"WHY?" "WHY?" "WHY?"

I don't have an adequate answer to this age-old question, but I would offer some insight, which will help you deal with the question.

It matters not whether we ask "WHY?", of the good or the bad. We need to share of our burdens, as well as our rejoicings. We need to learn to trust. We need to have a strong faith. We need to remember, there is a sun even when it's not shining. We need to believe in love, although we not feel it. We need to reach out to others, although it is to risk involvement. We need to try, even though trying could bring failure. Even to live means we must die.

So, be honest with yourself. Expose your feelings. Ask questions. God is big enough to carry you when you can't walk the pathway alone. You will know when you share of yourself that your burdens are divided. You will also know when you give of yourself, you will receive a double portion in return.

Remember, life is for living. Give it your best. Each of us has but a short time here on earth to know, "WHY?"

--- Copyright © 2013 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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