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They Are Always With Us, The Ones We Love

December 13, 2013


Weeping Willow

Weeping willow, how your elongated leaves dangle in the mist of the air, you bring such true comfort into the needful eye.

How your leaves sway from left to right, providing your own intricate dance so divine.

Weeping willow, you provide the most comforting shade upon your layer of leaves making me feel encircled with love and safety.

Weeping willow, as I lay under your silvery leaves, I look up for a helping hand, I see strength within your structure, can you help me?

Weeping willow, as I climb upon you will you make sure I won't fall, will you catch me if I do?

Weeping willow, as I sit upon you looking to the sky through your rustling leaves, will you hear my pain? Can I overcome such things?

The weeping willows long leafed branches sway back and forth providing the gentlest of winds across one's face. The eyes close so slowly, a sigh escapes one's mouth.

As one sits on the branch they feel if there is someone watching over them, comfort arises as the branches nestle one's sorrows. A tear slowly slides down their cheek as if all emotion was escaping them. The wind starts to slowly blow, once again the elongated leaved branches sway back and forth against the song of the wind, creating one's smile to appear slowly but surely. The long silvery leaves brush against ones cheek, as if it was the hand of comfort, wiping the sadness away.

Weeping willow, I will climb down now, I have heard what you have had to say...

The one steps down and walks around to the back of the willow tree as it faces such gleaming waters. They look at the carving at the back of the tree, something that has been carved there for years upon the dark bark. Their body slumps to the ground as their back presses against the bark, fingers reaching up to trace the well known loved one. The carved initials of a beloved memory. The one whispers, "Thank you for hearing me, Dad."

--- Copyright © 2013 Amy Masella

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