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May 24, 2013


Self-Belief and Confidence Fuel The Dream

She was a very capable student. She did not have a single day of absence last year; all the teachers knew this and encouraged her many times in front of others.

Kids used to say, "She must have a strong body and that's why she never gets sick. What are we supposed to do when we constantly get sick..?!"

They did not know that Yassi had type two Diabetes and sometimes fainted.

One early morning when her sugar level dropped and her mum wanted to take her to the doctor she said, "The doctor doesn't know how to teach me Geometry! The most he will do is to give me an IV drip to make me feel better but what am I going to do with Geometry?! By the way, Mr. Mirsadeghi had mentioned that people with the highest score in the year of their university entrance examination only had one day of absence; I don't want to use my only day off for something stupid!"

Her mum said that on that morning she had some berries and pretended she was fine and smiled. She took her bag and got on the school bus that was waiting for her downstairs.

It's a shame she would not let us tell her life story to her classmates so they would get an idea of the difficulties she was dealing with while studying.

But really, was she born a strong person?

Were Yassi's genes different to other kids?

Of course not!

When teachers used to ask Yassi, "Do you feel bad when you get a low grade?" Yassi would reply:

"Is it possible to be happy when a person works hard and does not get a good result? At these times I tell myself, in the future when I open the biggest factory in Iran, if I'm going to fall short with handling such minor issues, how am I supposed to deal with all the other problems such as consumer market rejection of my products?! How can I solve the production difficulties of this product? How can I combat the constant flow of financial difficulties, insurance and workers disputes? So when I get a low grade, it is natural that I feel like I don't have a problem and once again continue with building my future."

Yassi is a living example of a person with a vision for a grand future, who does not allow minor problems of today deter her from achieving her dreams.

On a regular day when I met with Yassi, I noticed she was not like her usual self as she looked troubled. So I asked her "Has something happened?" to which she replied "No", but I said, "I think something has definitely happened"...... Yassi then said, "I have a small personal problem that will soon be resolved."

So I thought to myself, if she was a normal student she would use this opportunity for attention seeking and dramatizing.

After insisting for some time to find out her problem, she only then told me that her father is in a coma. Just before tears rushed to her eyes as she exited the room, I got the chills and felt that I lost some credibility as a considerate teacher.

Yassi returned to the room after freshening up, clearing her throat and disguising her frail and disturbed voice then said in a strange manner, "Please don't be concerned Mr. Mirsadeghi, if it is meant to be he will remain in my life and I will make him proud with my grades. And should it be God's will to take him, then I have to work twice as hard to achieve the highest grades and shine brighter than my peers."

This story took place two months before the University entrance examination, and to be honest, at first I did not take Yassi too seriously but it seems to have fuelled her drive as she was working harder than before. Her father's condition was unstable and fragile, with constant episodes of good and bad days, and finally 3 weeks prior to taking her exams, her father passed away.

Yassi was so dedicated to her studies that she used her one day annual personal day off to attend her father's burial, but she missed both the wake and funeral due to her studies. I was astonished at her strength and will to achieve her target, however, I was certain that her grades would never be as high as I expected, but nonetheless I was impressed and happy to see her making such an effort. When I found out that she actually achieved the highest grade, I was amazed at the level of effort she made to reach for the stars to the heavens where her father could be proud of his daughter.

After the entrance exams, I sat down with Yassi for many hours, asking questions and analyzing her response to the topic of her immense self-belief and confidence. And one particular phrase stuck in my mind when I asked how she could possibly focus and concentrate on studying after her father's passing. She said, "I want to save our world, and my father's death should not deprive the world of this; the people deserve this, they need this...."

--- Copyright © 2013 Ali Mirsadeghi
I was born in 1981 in Iran and began to work in the field of consultation, giving advice to young and adolescent people in my country. Even though I graduated from University with a degree in Microbiology, I became one of the most successful people in the consultation field in Iran.

In 2002 I established the first department of educational consultancy, called Barsa. Since a significant number of students became interested in attending my consultations and planning sessions, I started organizing conferences and workshops; training more than 400,000 directors, consultants, university and school students.

I have more than 14 years of experience in literacy work, consultation and public speaking for TV programs, schools, universities and organization. At the moment I'm in charge of two high schools and other schools in different areas are following my consultation methods.

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