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MAY 2005

May 25, 2005
" Sometimes help isn't always in giving, but merely in being. For that reason, my gratitude goes to you."
--- Copyright © 2005 Paul BasaneseMay 25, 2005
" There are four things in life that you can never get back: The fired arrow, the said word, time spent and missed opportunities. Make the most out of life."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Andrew Dickson --- NSW, AustraliaMay 25, 2005
" The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Paul Baker --- New ZealandMay 23, 2005
" We must challenge and inspire the generation coming after us to greater works and effort, do what we were not able to achieve and improve the quality of their own lives."
--- Copyright © 2002 Ebenezer Lamptey
I hope it will challenge the up and coming generation to work harder for themselves and not rely on the past generations.May 23, 2005
" Happiness is a road to travel - - - - - not - - -- a goal to reach."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by John Colombe --- Indiana May 23, 2005
" Possibility is a waste of energy if the focus isn't turning it into reality."
--- Copyright © 2005 Vuyo MboyiMay 18, 2005
" Purpose, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Yvonne Schutt --- OregonMay 18, 2005
" The name doesn't make the man; the man makes the name."
--- Written in 2005 by Brandon Novak --- New YorkMay 18, 2005
" Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Myles A. --- PhilippinesMay 16, 2005
" Success doesn't "happen". It is organized, preempted, captured, by consecrated common sense."
--- F.E. Willard --- Submitted by Dana Colli --- Ontario, CanadaMay 16, 2005
" The first computer ever made is the human brain; if you put positive thoughts in, you will get positive outcomes out of life. You see, from the neck down all human beings are stupid. The power plant is above the neck."
--- Copyright © 2005 Carmen F. AmbrosinoMay 16, 2005
" Be careful how you treat people because your number will be played."
--- Copyright © 2005 Sean ClayMay 11, 2005
" I would rather never know the lives that I have saved than know the lives I have destroyed."
--- Copyright © 2005 Nicole Briere
I thought of this quote a few days ago. To me, it's relating to drinking and driving. If I don't drink and drive, I could be saving someone's life. Even though I'll never know whom I have saved, that's okay.May 11, 2005
" The lessons we learn are forthcoming every day. What we take from them is up to us."
--- Copyright © 2005 Elizabeth (aka Libby) ReynoldsMay 11, 2005
" When competing in the game of life the greatest opponent, at times, can be you."
--- Copyright © 2005 Nitina KolliesuahMay 9, 2005
" The word "later" is now; waiting will cost you a "forever" loss."
--- Copyright © 2005 Ogunyemi Sola
Act now, don't wait for tomorrow.May 9, 2005
" Even though you and I are in different boats, you in your boat and we in our canoe, we share the same River of Life. What befalls me, befalls you. And downstream, downstream in this River of Life, our children will pay for our selfishness, for our greed, and for our lack of vision."
--- Chief Oren Lyons 1993 --- Submitted by Nick A. --- HawaiiMay 9, 2005
" Every journey, no matter when started or its distance, has an ultimate destination."
--- Copyright © 2005 Acho Orabuchi, Ph.D.May 4, 2005
" I am also a painter. My canvass is life."
--- Copyright © 2005 Kuldeep PanditaMay 4, 2005
" Until you begin to see ahead of time, time will always be ahead of you."
--- Copyright © 2005 Ogunyemi Sola
Think wise, act wise and reap wise.May 4, 2005
" Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashleigh C. --- CaliforniaMay 2, 2005
" A failure only establishes that our determination was not strong enough."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Siddharth Gautam --- IndiaMay 2, 2005
" Do what you want and solve what you get!"
--- Copyright © 2005 Ngoc AnhMay 2, 2005
" Life is a cold stone stairwell. It only leads to happiness if you've laid the right stones."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by B.I. - United Kingdom
I've had a pretty hard life, spent my youth in and out of prisons, always fighting my way through life. Never really had a decent break, but hey, I will get by. I often wonder what dizzy heights I could have achieved had I the support and backing of some of the more fortunate kids. Had I my time again, I would only lay good stones!


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