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What Is The Problem?

December 6, 2013


Bring Solutions And Act On Them

The varieties of the problems we have in the world today are not seen, attended to, perceived the way they are, nor handled the way they should be handled.

Therefore I ask, "What actually are the problems?" If you ask me, I will tell you that one very important thing about these problems is that their solution(s) lie so much in fully identifying and understanding the problem(s).

The problems we have is therefore not in bringing up ideas; the problem is in executing them.

The problem is not in the approval of ideas, proposals and projects; the problem is in the mindset of the "approver".

The problem is not in the quantity of ideas, but in the quality of ideas and the availability of resources to 'drive' the ideas to a successful destination.

The problem is not in starting up a project, or the quantity of resources allocated for a project; the problem is in the quality of planning, monitoring/supervision and control invested into the project.

The problem is not in the number of issues to be discussed about a project nor the quantity of people discussing them; the problem is in the quality of issues, priority of issues being discussed and the quality of those discussing them.

The problem is not the number of recommendations and conclusions made; the problem is in the sincerity in scrutiny, the timeliness of implementation and the quality of supervision/follow up.

The problem is not in the obstacle we encounter in the course of a project; the problem is in the inability to see or create a "track" through the obstacle.

The problem is not the number of problems we can identify, but the number of solutions we can proffer.

The problem is not that we don't know our weaknesses; the problem is that we tend to justify ourselves in our weaknesses.

The problem is not how much we know; the problem is how much we have applied.

The problem is not how well we can speak or convince others but how far our words can be matched with our actions.

The problem is not how far we have ruled; the problem is how well we have used every single opportunity and time given to us to rule.

The problem is not how big a "project" is; the problem is in identifying and addressing the structural makeup of a project from the foundation to the roof.

Nigeria, for instance, is the biggest project for every Nigerian. The problem is therefore not Nigeria but Nigerians. The problem is how many times have Nigerians sincerely worked, to make Nigeria "work".

If only we can identify our problems, understand our problems and tackle them sincerely according to their priorities, rather than attacking frivolities and attaching sentiments in addressing our problems.

If only we can be wise and bold enough to face our problems and challenges rather than shy away from them or pretending they don't exist.

If only all leaders within and at the top of this great project called NIGERIA can stand up to say "enough is enough".

If only all Nigerians, wherever they are, whether home or abroad, can rise up and sincerely ask themselves this simple question: "WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM?"

Guided by these few points mentioned above then, I can assure all Nigerians that the next 2 years of this "RESURRECTED NIGERIA" would have made the greatest impact in the world after more than 50+ years of mental gaze and setting of unreasonable, unrealistic,chaffy and meretricious ambition.


--- Copyright © 2013 Chidi Edi

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