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Another Day

August 23, 2013


Is it morning already? I rub my eyes and get up to prepare for the day. I look out of my window and see the sun. I hear the birds; I see the first flowers of spring beginning to show, the greening grass, and a few clouds in a brilliant, blue sky. It's another day.

Our grandson pops into the house, giving his Granny a hug. He majestically explains how he scored his first goal of the soccer season. Our son proudly affirms his every move to get the ball past the goalie. Later, we learn of his appointment to the "quick recall" team. We hear of his dancing with every girl at his first school dance. Our little grandson is growing up. It's another day.

My neighbor's son tells of his accomplishments in college. He shares his hopes and dreams for the future. His curiosity and excitement are contagious. I am encouraged that he has learned that no dream is beyond reach, if he wants it badly enough. It's another day.

My wife wraps me in her love. I look into the eyes of the one that shares my innermost feelings. What a special friend! It's beyond words to describe the feelings of returned love; one to lean on, one to share happiness with, one to truly love. It's another day.

Yes, it is another day. This has been another day to enjoy God's bounteous blessings. It's been a day to enjoy our children and grandchildren. It's been a day to enjoy the hopes and dreams of others. It's been a day to discover the value of worth and hard work. It's been a day to learn the value of love. It's been a day that we need to thank God for all that we have.

May you experience many, many such days in this journey we call life. Godspeed.

--- Copyright © 2013 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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