For My Mom

May 10, 2013



Emerged from poverty in which she was born,
She was able to put in her hands the noble task of educating people.
As an educator, she implicitly believes that it is her calling
To help a person in getting prepared for challenges that are life-polishing.
To her students, she is strict yet gentle and warm
Treating them like children of her own, keeping them safe from any harm.
She wishes that when she would see them again someday
She could proudly say to the world
That they were her students back in the day.

She lives happily with her equally-loving husband for 34 years now,
She is constantly and deeply falling in love with him, and living on her vow.
For her, playing the role of a wife must be done
With a certain art and humor,
With life not perfect but with a happy home,
There is nothing more she could ask for.

As a mother, she gives her children the freedom
To explore the wonders of life,
Through their journeys, she is there staying by their side.
The person who always hurts the most when she sees her children in pain,
And always seems to be happiest when she sees sweet smiles from them.
For her, no gift is more important that she could offer to her children
Than the best education and encouragement as they work for their dreams,
Reminding them also to put God first in everything they want to get done
Because God, always, has the best plan.

As a friend, she is discreet, cautious, and thoughtful
And knows how to adapt herself to every single person.
Though she may not be considered perfect
Or the best friend by everybody,
What is great about her is that she is, by nature, friendly.

She is just one of the many mothers out there
Who deserves high-admiration from her children.
A respected educator, supportive wife,
Caring mother, and a considerate friend rolled into one.
For me, she is indeed a wonderful woman,
And I am proud to be her son...

--- Copyright © 2013 James Patrick Cabacungan
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all loving mothers in the world.

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