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How to Become a Stress Master

February 1, 2013


"If you smile the whole world smiles with you. But if you cry, you cry alone."

Today everyone is suffering of stress, worry, depression and hyper tension. Those who have or those who don't, married or unmarried, have babies or not, employed or unemployed, those who have everything and nothing. All are under stress. Stress is as common as common cold.

Once a sage said that these days husband does not live with wife and wife does not live with husband in fact they both live with Stress.

Our life is like a battleground. We all are fighting a battle a war with the circumstances or with ourselves.

What is Stress?

Stress is mind and body's response or reaction to a real or imagined threat, event or change. Any interference that disturbs our mental and physical wellbeing. It occurs when the body is required to perform beyond its normal range of capabilities.

Types of Stress?

There are two types of stress internal & external. Internal stress can be controlled but external cannot be. So identify and avoid the external stressors.

Why Are We Surrounded By Stress?

1/3 reasons of our stress is - we are living being (Cannot change), 1/3 created by us and 1/3 because of our greedy nature like Sikander or Hitler. The later two causes of stress can be avoided or controlled.

Stress starts with "W" & "H" family. Like "What is happening with me? Why this is happening with me only? How long this will continue?"

The main cause of stress is whatever we want to become and we cannot, whatever we desire to achieve but cannot, whatever we want to do and cannot. We need to know that we are human beings and cannot do all things simultaneously equally well. This will make us tension free.

Our whole life we live under fear which hardly happens. It is rightly said that F-E-A-R is 'False Evidence Appearing Real' or 'Fantasized Evidence Appearing Real'.

Change Our Attitude Change Our Life

If we don't like our homes, we change it. If we don't like our clothes, we change them. If we don't like our friends, we change them too. We change our employers, we change, change... We change everything we don't like. Are we happy? No. Because we don't change our own nature or attitude. If we change our own attitude, everything changes. Those who adjust themselves in every situation or environment are always happy and stress free.

How To Get Rid Of Stress?

When we are in a problem or under stress, if we think - What difference does it make? Whatever situation is today, it will change tomorrow. There will be no worry and tension. We can become our own Stress Doctor just by changing our perception.

Stress is like a flowing river. If we construct a bridge over a river, we can control and hold flow of water. The same thing is true with the Stress. If we control and manage it, stress is a tonic. Under stress, many people perform better.

There was an ODI between Australia & South Africa. Australia played first and gave target of 434 runs. African team was under stress to chase such a huge score like the Himalaya. However, Africa chased this target, which is a history.

In the decisive war of Kurushekhatra, when Arjuna denied to fight with the Kaurava's, Lord Krishna gave the best ever message of Bhagvadgeeta. It is written in our scriptures that the performance given under stress can never be repeated. Stress can make and break as the way it is handled.

Our life should be like that of Lord Rama. When the time came to become king, he was told to go "Vanvas", which he happily accepted. What we can't change, we ought to accept to remain happy. We should not place our remote control in others hands to play with us.

CTRL + ALT + DEL Strategy for Stress

CTRL - Control Yourself
ALT - Look for Alternative Solution
DEL - Delete the Situation which gives you Stress

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. Never think Hard about PAST brings tears......Do not think more about FUTURE.......... it brings fears........Live this moment with a smile brings cheers ......

--- Copyright © 2012 Babukhan Mansury
Assistant Manager (Commercial), Ambuja Cements Limited ,

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