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The Difference In Similarities
Between The Wise And The Foolish
(Part 2)

October 4, 2013


Over the years, I have been forced to ask myself so many questions; I have been forced to know why the wise are wise and why the foolish are foolish. During the course of my research, I realized that the wise and the foolish both have 24 hours and in the course of using this 24 hours, they do almost the same things. I had to go further in my research and then discovered that in doing these same things, there are a whole lot of differences. These differences distinguish the wise from the foolish.

I will continue to explain these differences in similarity in this, part 2.

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

The Wise And The Foolish Have Friends.

The Wise Man makes friends with wise people. The wise man moves with people that will add a positive impact to his life. He ensures that he moves with people that will always be there to pick him up when he is down, correct him when he is going towards the wrong direction, encourage him when he is getting depressed and appreciate him when he is progressing. He moves with people that will support his dream and runs away from dream killers. He has no time to spend with friends that spend most of their time gossiping about others.

The Foolish Man makes friends with foolish people. The foolish man has no plan for his life so he mixes with people that have no plan for their lives. He moves with people that do not have the ability to pick him up when he is down, encourage him when he is getting depressed and correct him when he is wrong because they don't even have bearings for their own lives. Fools go about with their friends talking and listening to gossips, paying close attention to slanders and planting seeds of quarrel.

The Wise And The Foolish Fail, Pass Through Disappointments, Face Trials And Tribulations.

A Wise Man never quits when he fails. In the words "DON'T QUIT", he sees (DO)nt qu(IT). When he faces trials and tribulations, he goes down on his knees and thanks God because he knows that he will overcome the trials. He takes his time to learn from each of his situations because he understands that every problem conquered brings meaningful lessons that will result in positive answers that will move him from the position where he is now to the next level. He remains positive throughout these situations.

A Foolish Man quits at the slightest of challenges. In the words "DON'T QUIT", he sees (DO)nt (QUIT). He gets discouraged at every slight failure and he instantly sees no reason to continue. He is a master at giving excuses, a PhD holder in explaining why he failed and why he can never make it because he failed once. He is never positive, so he never comes out a champion. He blames the environment for his predicament; he blames the government for not ensuring to do this and that. He blames the wise and the rich for not coming to his aid to help him. He is not willing to learn from his problems nor is he willing to take full responsibility for his life.

The Wise And The Foolish Know Where To Get The Good Books.

A Wise Man is gracious in wisdom and he is held in high esteem by kings and queens because he is filled with wisdom and blessed with knowledge. He understands that books are the experience of others that are written by the wise to teach other wise men the mistakes and the trials they faced. They describe how they overcame them to get to the level where they are presently so that the wise people that read their books can become wiser. A wise man understands that there are so many steps to success that are hidden in books so they look for them. He spends much money to acquire good books; no wonder he is always inspired to reach for greatness. He spends much time reading good books; no wonder he is swimming in the pool of wisdom. He spends much time practising what he has read; no wonder he is a successful man.

A Foolish Man does not see any sense in reading (motivational, inspirational, educational, religious, leadership and self-development) books. He considers spending money on good books as a waste of resources and spending a lot time reading as a waste of that time. He prefers to spend his money on materialistic things that add little or no value to his life rather than to use his money to buy good books because he will never read them. He gets really angry and insulted when you give him a book as a present. He will always say, "THOSE BOOKS YOU READ ARE STUPID STORIES AND ABSTRACT PHILOSOPHIES THAT ARE FORMULATED BY SOMEONE LIKE YOU." Little wonder why a fool is always poor and stupid.

The Wise And The Foolish Have Experiences.

A Wise Man sees his experiences as part of the process he needs to pass through in order to acquire the useful skills needed to attain success. He cherishes his experiences and he makes sure that he learns from every one of them. This is how a wise man thinks; he swallows the pain so he can get the gain.

A Foolish Man sees all his experiences as the worst parts of his life. He hates them and runs away from them. He doesn't understand that experience comes from problems solved, challenges conquered, risk taken, trials overcome, tribulations defeated. He is never willing to swallow any pain so he never gets any gain.

The Wise And The Foolish Have Attitudes.

A Wise Man possesses an attitude that is appealing to all. His attitude draws him to fame and fortune. He is confident and not aggressive, he is humble and diligent, and he is honest and straightforward. He does not underrate anybody; he is peaceful in his dealings and positive in all his approaches in life.

A Foolish Man possesses an attitude that is disgusting to all. He is aggressive and overconfident, rude and proud, disrespectful and dishonest. He will overdo everything and he feels too big to be corrected. He is good at looking down on people, he looks for trouble, and he is negative in all his approaches in life.

--- Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin
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