My daughter mentioned something today that made me think and want to share it with you

I just learned from my daughter, Gabrielle. She asked me what do I think about the average fourth grader? I asked her why. She said in school she was doing a project on the average fourth graders and didn't feel totally comfortable with it. Simply, when she looked around her classroom she clearly saw that each of her classmates were different/unique and none fit perfectly into this average 'label'.

A 9 year old quickly was intelligent enough to rip apart 'the label' so it wouldn't blind her to the facts of the individuality and uniqueness of her fellow classmates/human beings.

I've always said, "If you put toddlers/children representing many skin colors and cultures in a playground, they'd play." It seems to me there are some things adults can learn from children.

Sent in by David Gussin