Just a merit of questioning...

When we're out of this life, can we still feel the pain? Can we feel it in order to suffer the angst and torture of hell? Isn't it that pain is triggered only by the impulses sent by our skins to our brains? When we no longer have this body, would there still be pain?

How about happiness? At what nature would we be able to feel the pleasures of Heaven? Does the soul or spirit have brain-like activity to give us the bliss of what we call heaven.

This Earth, this life is the only Heaven we ever get. For those who are inspired to live and have found a meaning to live, Life is Heaven.

For those who don't want to be here and imagine things of different ways out, Life is Hell.

What it would have been if each of us stop thinking of some heavens out there, and start making Earth the Heaven we imagine?

We do not act, we do not start because we believe Heaven is somewhere. Maybe we should start believing. Otherwise.

Copyright © 2003 Marcial Sarmiento