I sat in awe not so long ago
Watching the beauty of a sunset.
Marking the passing of one more day
A reminder to me of all my regret.

I looked inside my chest
And saw the many holes in my heart.
Reminders of the friends
With whom I have grown apart.

Sadness overflows my soul
And tears drenched each eye
For I did not realize
How quickly the time went by.

For all that is left
Is an ache that hurts so much
It is a dark emptiness
That is felt but no one can touch.

My Father in Heaven above
Looks down and smiles
He sees my pain
And understands my trials.

He brings me to a wondrous place
And shows me a door
Behind which He says
All my holes He does store

I ask Him may I look
He nods and smiles with glee
I push open the gate
And I can't believe what I see.

I gaze on in wonder
Confused and no words can I say
For held in this room
Are the sunsets of each passing day.

Copyright © 2003 Todd Wielgos
Inspired by a friend who was grieiving over lost friendships.