WALK LIKE A WARRIOR | Motivating and Inspiring


It's hard to get a victory in every moment of life! There it goes with courage and determination... Thy needed for every moment, every sec to Fight for the best one in this world You need to face every hurdle, every scream On you and killing discouraging phrases on you... Thy don't care it at all, just hear what is good for you dear And walk like a warrior to fight for your desire It tells how every minute, every sec to persist for a final desire Smile, where you carry with thousands and thousands of miles... Beyond no one leading the way or couldn't find a road to walk along Doesn't mind at all, remove the thorns and hurdles and the stones Which blocks on the way, stay high and mighty always with you... Never give back, even if you have to face lots and lots of cries and hurts... Take a stride along the lean waves and Walk like a Warrior; reach your desire as the king of hearts...

Anand Manoharan Submitted by Gokulraj Prabhakaran