Educate & Protect Yourself Computer Tips for Home Users

As a computer user for over 10 years, I must tell you that we all have a responsibility to learn how to protect our computers from the malicious worms and viruses that are going around. Last week the Sobig virus was launched. It has raised havoc worldwide. Many of your computers are infected because your Anti-Virus software was not updated. Make yourself a promise to do it today - get your updates daily and be vigilant. This is not the end of these anomalies, this is really only the beginning.

Here are a few tips that can make your life easier:

  1. If you are running Microsoft as your operating system, go out to their site and get any patches that are available and install them.

  2. Install Norton Anti-Virus Software - read the tutorials first and keep it updated.
    I go out and check for updates everyday.

  3. Install a firewall - Zonelabs has some of the best software I have ever used.
    READ THE TUTORIAL after you have installed it before doing anything else.
    Many people don't think they need a firewall, but if you are connected to the Internet and don't have one, anyone who knows how to hack can come into your computer.

  4. New users: Don't be so curious about your email messages. Never open any email from someone you don't know; the subject line can be appealing yet deceiving. If you receive an email message from a friend that doesn't look right, call them. Ask them if they sent you an email message. Don't click on attachments unless you are expecting them. Learn how to use the filters in your email program so you can delete unwanted emails without having to open them.

  5. If you receive unsolicited email that says "Click here to unsubscribe" DON'T DO IT! If you do, you have just told them that a real person answered their email and now your name will go onto another list for sale. Just delete the email and get on with life.
All of the above tips have helped me throughout the years. Hope some of the advice will help you too.


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