Time, such a precious word.
It gives us the gift of moments.
Moments so beautiful that change our lives forever.
But those moments turn into memories that can never be recaptured.
We are left with footprints in are minds and in our hearts.
Longing to recapture time, hoping it will last forever.

To be left with the reality of the passing of time;
So precious and so fleeting.

We can't bring it back or relive.
Only be grateful that it happened.
So cherish every moment, never taking anything for granted,
Because some day, that will be the moment you'll want to relive.

Love with all your heart.
Let your loved ones know how much you care.
Smile even when you want to cry.
Live life to the fullest,
Because you never know when your time will pass with the wind.

Copyright © 2003 Jenny Crespo

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