Softly, the moon lights up the cloudy sky,
Beauty wells up and delight eyes that see.
Stars glisten, brightly shining, designing the dim of night.
Soft wind blows and hums tune of serenity,
Gently, shutting the world, I lay in my bed,
Hoping I'll be seeing you in my dreamful state.

Morning comes, the day begins, the sun slowly rising in the east
Still quite nestled in his vast horizon bed while his crown lights up the windowpane.
Tiny dewdrops cling onto the flowers and its leaves
Cool breeze of air embraces my whole being
Sweetly, a smile creeps upon my lips
Yes, I remember, the angel I dreamt about is the one still laying here beside

Eyes met, lips brushed, hands so warm feeling cozy, happy as can be
Cuddling side by side comfortably free from thoughts of doubt
Contented with each other as blessings from above
Thankful for His gifts, especially the one I so dearly love
For the love that I treasure, is the only treasure I have
And the one love I treasure, is the one I call "you" my dearest love

Dreamlike realities, sweet memories I keep
Moments spent with my angel are rare jewels, which I shield
And if ever, one day, should you wake up and find me gone
Please never forget, you're still the love of my life
For wherever I may be, you'll be hear in my heart
Should you choose not to forget me, rest assured I'm just here by your side.

By the time I may no longer be here, as my last breath has been spent in this world,
Please remember my promise, I'm always here to stay
I might not be here for you to see nor touch but as I promised, I'll always be around.
Just as long as I am in your heart, I shall never depart
And as you go through life my love, you need not feel alone
You'd still have me near and still feel the love we had and have always shared.

Each time you feel a gentle breeze, think it's me embracing you near
Each time you hear the wind as it whistles, think it's me whispering your name
Each time you feel the raindrops in your face, think it's me giving you sweet, gentle kisses as my gifts
When the wind blows ever so gently, think it's me running my hands through your hair
Each time you look at the dark night sky, look for the brightest star
And there you'll see me, still smiling as you sleep, still with you all the way

For days may end and nights may fall
The sun may set as the moon lights the night
Seconds may become minutes, as minutes become hours
Hours may become days and turns into weeks, months and years
Decades may pass and centuries anew
Remember this my love, I'll always be here
I'll always be here to stay

Copyright © 2002 Rome Mellette C. Cargo