As I wake with another image of you in my mind,
I glance at the golden sunrise,
With shining tears cascading down my cheeks.
The uncertainty that has met me within the last few sunsets,
Is a conflict within myself,
Complete with drifting leaves and aged melodies
Wandering through my mind.

The recollections of our time spent together,
Are treasures within themselves,
But reality sets in, leaving me bewildered.
I am not strong enough to release myself
From your strong hands and embracing harmonies,
But I am battling with the confusion
Of how to grant you the essential gifts
Of roots and wings.

Written in 2002 by Allie B., Age 16 --- Washington
Writing is like medicine for the helps you through the worst times, and through submitting this, I hope that I can help some other people out there...

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