There is no definition of love. Everyone has his or her own opinions on what love is. For me, love is.. .

  • The butterflies I get right before I open the door to see him
  • The smile across my face when I think of him
  • The tingles through out my body every time we kiss
  • The pain in my heart when we are apart
  • The excitement I feel when he says my name
  • The nervousness I get right before I call him
  • The feeling that nothing else in the world matters when I am with him
  • Being able to close my eyes and picture every curve on his face
  • Giving him the trust to hold my heart, and not being scared about it
My definition of love is just all these feelings that started from the first time I saw him and still stand true after being with him for 4 years.

Written in 2003 by Katie M. --- New York
On a van ride back from a swim meet, my team and if were going around asking all different types of questions to each other. The question they asked me was "how did you know you were in love?" These feelings came out of my mouth without me having to think twice about what love is. The whole van got silent and one of my teammates said "I can't wait to have your type of love."