Beholding you as you sleep,
I capture all of you,
Within myself.
Forever enduring what I feel.

I invision,
Embracing our love.
Examining the ora of peace,
Surrounding us.

I listen for your sighs.
Our passion runs deep,
In my heart and soul.

The glow on your face,
Warm and inviting.
Your hair freely sweeping,
Across those eyes.
The ones that I easily,
Lose my being within.
So blue and extraordinary.

The graceful lips,
Tender and soft,
As they caress my cheek.

The arms that grip us,
As one, gentle, yet firm.
The strong hands,
Outlining every curve,
Of my feminine figure.

As you wink,
And toss me a smile.
The gallant shoulders,
That I lean upon.
The lusty chest,
That embraces me,
As I sleep.

These are my visions,
Of you and I.
Images that are,
Etched in my soul,

Copyright © 1997 Sarah Ware
I wrote this poem about my boyfriend when I first realized that I was in love with him. After a total of 8 years together, our passion still runs very deep.