Don't say you do not love me,
When I know that it's a lie.
Don't say you do not miss me,
When I know inside you cry.

Don't say that you regret me,
When I know that it's not true.
Don't say that you'll forget me,
When I'll never forget you.

Don't say you wish you were never mine,
Don't say I broke your heart.
Don't say I wasted all your time,
That makes me fall apart.

Don't tell me that you hate me,
Don't claim I make you blue.
Don't tell me that you're hurting,
Because that makes me hurt too.

Don't tell me that I'm changing,
And my heart's no longer pure.
Don't tell me I'm not beautiful,
That makes me insecure.

Don't say I laugh at all your tears,
Don't say those tears won't end.
I'm glad I've known you all these years,
Don't say I'm not your friend.

Don't say I left you all alone,
Don't say I walked away.
Don't say that you are fine now,
When I know you're not okay.

Don't tell me I've caused all your pain,
Don't say that we're apart.
Don't tell me these unspoken words,
That linger in your heart.

Copyright © 2003 Neena Amarnani