How hard is to adjust to change? I think it depends on whether or not the change was your idea. When we decide to change, we usually jump in with both feet, excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. When change is forced upon us, we rebel. We look for every reason that the change imposed will not work.

What could happen if we learned to embrace change as a normal part of our lives and didn't fight with ourselves over it? Isn't it really our own perception of change that either holds us back or propels us forward?

Many of us have our own ideas on what is an acceptable change and what isn't. The truth is change happens to us everyday. People change everyday; they grow. Our circumstances change a bit everyday as something new is thrown into the equation.

Yet, even though we intellectually know that change is constant, we fight to keep what is; what's familiar.

This New Year will be a year of change for all of us. I suggest we look for new ways to handle change, if change brings us stress and discomfort.

I have had a multitude of changes happen in my life over the last ten years, not all wanted. Some of the changes brought tears to my eyes, pains to my heart and questions to my soul. Other brought joy, sheer bliss and gratefulness.

How did I survive all of it? The same way many of you have, by taking it one day at a time and remembering that it's my perception of change that affects my thoughts, my feelings, and my reactions. Change is hard, at times and usually causes stress. But once you learn some stress relieving techniques, you will surprise yourself as to how calm you can become.

One of my favorite stress relievers is to walk. Just put on the shoes and go. While walking, I try to clear my mind and just be in the moment, enjoying the sights and sounds around me. After a while I feel this shift come over me, a calmness that knows this change, whether wanted or not, is necessary for my growth.

I propose that this year we all take a few minutes to examine how we perceive change. Are we helping or hurting ourselves with these perceptions? If we need to become better at handling change, what steps will we take to get there?

Have a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Copyright © 2003 Marlene Blaszczyk