I met her at a church function; she was in my youth group you see.
Out of all the young people in our small group, she was the first one that smiled at me.

This smile made me feel so good. It made me feel special and glad to be around.
Throughout the year I was blessed by this smile, and her smile I am happy I found.

With quite a wit about her, she stood up and presented for our team.
She joked and laughed and a smiled a lot, as so it always seemed.

The last time I saw her, at a restaurant, as we were walking out, she was walking in;
There she was, with her arms stretched out, and of course, that ever-loving smile again.

Now there was so much more about her that I had later come to find out.
She had touched a lot of others in her life, and this is proven, no doubt.

You see, at her vigil, she had many friends therein,
Who told tales about her life as she shared herself with them.

Now I am not her mother, but I hurt and am very disturbed today, still;
That because of drinking and driving, my young friend was killed.

Copyright © 2003 Geri L. Phillips