What are feelings? Feelings are just pure, unadulterated sentiments towards someone; people whom we care about. They are the expression of our inner most self.

At times, we base them on others behaviors and attitudes, which leaves us with a character that is not ours.

Generally we try to see how the other person reacts to our actions and words. We wait for others to react, rather than act ourselves, to the situation. We love or hate on the basis of the feedback given to us by others, not realizing that we are interpreting their thoughts and feelings and making a fool out of our own self.

We seldom go by our heart and what we really feel. And if by chance we react with the wrong feedback, we try to justify our wrong by blaming the circumstance, rather than realizing the mistake and trying to interpret our own feelings.

Written in 2003 by VKK --- Maharastra, India