I was in love with my best friend for such a long, long time - over a year.... and somehow we still stayed best friends. Although I got mad at him everyday, because I was always getting jealous and always being sad around him, I finally realized that I can't do this forever. I can't ruin my whole high school years wishing I were with someone I couldn't be with. So, I finally got courage and decided it was time to get over him.

I'm not going to sit here and say that I just am totally over him and everything is all fine and dandy, but I really have made the decision to be over him and he knows it. I'm myself around him now and we are the best of friends like we were at the beginning.

So no matter how much you are 'in love" with your best friend (and I know there are many teenagers who are) just lift your head up high and realize: that if he has a life of him own or her own that doesn't involve you as the girl/boyfriend, then it's time to give them up and just be their best friend again.

Yeah it's true, that when you really love someone it's hard to get over them but you can...just put your heart to it and you can do it.

Copyright © 2004 Nikki Adams

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