History was made in the United States exactly a year ago today.
A "faceless coward" set to destroy us on that clear September day.
Everyone was carrying on their business like they did the day before.
In what was faster than an instant, harm was knocking on our door.

I was lying in bed that morning when I heard my mother shout.
I jumped up quickly and ran to see what it was all about.
I glanced at the television and my heart filled with despair.
There was a plane inside the World Trade Center... instead of flying through the air.

There was fire, smoke, and ashes filling up the air and sky.
Everyone was running around and panicking, but we had yet to understand why.
The real panic began when the second commercial plane collided.
We realized that the U.S. was being attacked by what we later found out was the Al Queda.

People were running out as firefighters were running in.
There were thousands of innocent people trying to fight for their life and win.
As if things couldn't be worse, the U.S. Pentagon was hit.
I remember asking solemnly to myself, "God, could this be it?"

Another plane went down in Pennsylvania but that wasn't where it was supposed to be.
It was supposed to run into the Capitol Building for attack on target number 3.
It was because of heroic efforts of the passengers and staff on board.
They learned about the hijackers' plan, attacked them, crashed, and went to be with the Lord.

The entire country was filled with sadness, grief, and anger.
But suddenly throughout the nation, you wouldn't meet a stranger.
Some firefighters went into the flame to save lives, and didn't seem to make it out.
But it showed us all what true heroism is really all about.

Volunteers came together from every different country and different state,
For helping the innocent people was something that just couldn't wait.
Everyone in this nation helped their country in their own special way.
Whether it was donating money, food, shelter, or blood, we were all affected by this day.

Most importantly we all pulled together and prayed for Jesus to watch over everyone.
For we all know that without him in our lives, no race could ever be won.
The United States was filled with flags, all sporting the red, white, and the blue.
Pride, love, and the American Spirit were really shining through.

Even after a year, the flags are still waving through the air.
The love for our fellow man and country, no other nation can compare.
The "Star Spangled Banner" has a new meaning, and we sing it very clear and very loud.
It has made us realize that being Americans makes us very proud.
September 11 is definitely a day that we will never seem to forget.
However I know that in the end, messing with America, the terrorists and Osama will regret. ...

Copyright © 2002 Sheri Lowe
I wrote this poem exactly a year after September 11. I could still feel the pain that everyone felt and I wanted to put it into words. I received recognition from President Bush and other leaders, and I wanted to share it with you as well. I hope you enjoy.

(I am running this poem as a tribute to all of the heroes that day and to remind everyone to be vigilant and to NEVER FORGET!)