Angels with four legs
Though they may not have wings to fly
Back and forth between the earth and sky.
They never question the reason why?
But, will give of their life, if do or die.

When we're in trouble they never run or hide
For this I am thankful and full of pride.
They aid and comfort the disabled and sick.
They even employ a special trick.
If the need arises, they will even give your face a lick.
When you come home after a hard day's work
They just want you to pet them; it's their only quirk.
For no matter what time you arrive home at night,
They never fail to greet you, what a beautiful sight!

So be kind and loving to the very end.
For this four-legged angel is your very best friend,
And will always remain faithful to the very end.

Copyright © 2004 Joseph P. Martino

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