You are the most beautiful love I have ever had in my life
The way you touch me so deeply is my strength and hope for each day
I want to love as pure as you love
And I know I will someday

You've changed me completely
To trust and open the doors to all the secrets with in me
Slowly you help me to close each one and put it all behind me.

May our love never become distant
Only close to our souls
Where the blessings abound for each of us
And time is nonexistent.

Here is where I want to stay for as long as you will allow
May fate take it's place within our lives
And show us the truth right now.

I love you more dearly than I could ever truly express
Only with my smile for now
But soon it will be crystal clear.

Our souls where meant to be intertwined
Even if its for a short time
But the blessings of love you have given me
Will be always and forever mine.

Copyright © 2004 Jennifer D. Springer