I've always thought there's
No difference between
This life and a new one.
I thought bending to change
Would make a lesser me.
It wasn't that way.

I never realized
That there's more to life
Than just turning over a leaf;
It's living again.

You've given me the light
And the courage to walk
Through the darkest passages,
You've sifted my soul
And made me more alive.

I used to feel empty
And now I'm not.
You taught me to love
To believe and to share;
I've changed.

I thought life
Was a vast wasteland of strife.
Nothing seems to be true
Lies seems to be sugar-coated
Everywhere I go.

And I think I'm ready
To take on the world.
There's nothing to fear;
I'm wearing a shield,
Because I'm saved.

Copyright © 2003 Layla-Tal Medina
I wrote this after camp. It changed my perspective on faith. When I feel like sliding down on my faith, this helps me to go up again. When people try to think they can put me down, I have my shield.

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