One day a friend of mine wrote me this poem:


this is entitled "MARCIAL"

As I read all your messages today
I couldn't help to thank God for sending you to me
I had tried to question & even hated this life's mystery
Yet how can I hate it now when mystery brought you to me?

I don't understand why of all people
I feel close to you when in fact I hated you before?
You seem so conceited to me, with all your philosophical beliefs,
Which irritated and challenged my interest.

Maybe God has just His own way
To inspire and enlighten my day
That all I do now is thank Him each day
For giving me "MARCIAL," such a friend who completes me.


I wrote her back, with this poem, entitled "KAREN"

Keeping in touch with a girl
I am one day this stranger
To one I have never met
I share my life and wit

A moment when friendship bonds
Beyond the horizons of the seas
I dream for the day that this stranger sees
A friend in distant lands

Remember each day to be happy
Meet the challenges of life with glee
Remember from this stranger I say
"Reason may not be necessary!"

Every single day I wish
That this stranger by you be missed
And in this verse try to cherish
How much this stranger cares

Now 'til forever I say
Assured you are tho' I cannot pray
For things you want to be
A place in my heart's reserved for thee

Sent in by Marcial Sarmiento

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