Always say "Please" and "Thank you".

Respect yourself and Respect others.

Make your home a garden of love.

Understand that God hears all your prayers, it's just that sometimes the answer is "no".

Even when you lose, there is a lesson to be gained.

True friendship is rare. Don't let a little dispute ruin a friendship.

When you make a mistake, be quick to admit it and correct it.

Be sure to have some alone time every day.

Remain open to change. Without change, progress is impossible.

Never compromise your values.

Sometimes silence can be the strongest and most compassionate answer.

Never bring up the past in an argument. Only deal with the current issue.

Read. Read. Read.

Share your knowledge.

Be considerate with the Earth. More people have to use it when you're gone.

Travel. Meet new people. Experience new cultures. Look into other religions.

In a strong relationship, you should love your companion more than you need them.

Understand that achievements involve risk. Courage is your greatest asset.

Listen to what others have to say. When you speak, you're only repeating things you already know. When you listen, you learn.

Copyright © 2003 Steve Maraboli