Smile, be happy, accept who you are,
Achieve your dreams and you will go far.
When things are bad and not going your way,
Don't give up there's always another day.
When running a race, you begin at start;
Don't back down, follow your heart.
Life is not always a piece of cake,
Sometimes you give, sometimes you take.
Life is not about keeping score or things that happened in the past,
It's about how many lives you've touched and the love that will always last.
So travel the road life gives you,
And take your time to find the real you.

Copyright © 2004 Anna Dionne
I recently had to move away from my friends and family that I have known almost all my life. It was very hard to move on and make new friends. It was also hard for me to find myself and who I was. I had to accept the truth and move on. Sometimes life gives you roadblocks and by getting over those roadblocks (with help from God) , you will truly achieve happiness.