Some of us stroll gently through life with our chosen paths clearly mapped out, including breath-taking views, serene rest stops and cheerfully infrequent roadblocks. The scenery is full of hand-painted signs that say, "Welcome" and "Have a Lovely Day." Classical music plays softly in the background.

But for the rest of us, the path we stumble along is often the "road less traveled" unmarked and unpaved. Our scenery is full of garish yellow metal signs that read; "caution - bump ahead" and "danger - watch for falling rocks". Static plays in the background of our minds. Often without warning, we are hurled off the path, getting tangled in the underbrush and ending up with agonizing bruises.

It is easy to begrudge those around us that don't seem to struggle, but we need to remind ourselves that wisdom comes from discord. This is our opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with our own courage, to learn profound lessons and to heal.

Jose Stevens writes in "Earth to Tao",
"...The truth is, that you learn the most about yourself and about life on earth from falling off balance, then finding your way back to balance again. Healing, then, is the balance or the neutral position of acceptance. We could therefore say that all of life is truly an attempt at healing..."

Let us journey together on the "road less traveled" towards wellness and balance and healing.

Copyright © 2004 Bernadette Ballezza