The hour is late and I'm fast awake,
Pondering and reflecting on my life.
Hoping for future happiness, while battling past memories,
Dreaming of better moments, and waiting for love.
I hope.

Feeling something amiss in life, my heart is sad.
Regretting past decisions, low self-esteem.
Wishing for the best, feeling impatient with time,
Aiming for better days, and clutching my dreams.
I ponder.

Depression through the years, and the idea of suicide,
Has been conquered but left emotional scars.
Past memories are now phantoms, but still have a hold.
Living through the storm, and waiting silently for happier times.
I wait.

A relationship notched on my experiences in the past,
Intimacy lost, and a friend turned foe.
Learning that love is not everything in this life of ours,
But I miss my friend, and her warmth wrapped around me.
I ache.

Knowing that the past is impossible to retrieve,
I seek to find another, to share my dreams with.
A close friend to hold, console, and trust,
Someone to exchange hearts with, what a wonderful feeling...
I dream.

Living for the future, knowing that things will pick up.
Accepting of the occurrence of further bleak days - everyone has them,
Just waiting for that spark, to give motion to my fuel,
And start me alight on my journey of reclaimed dreams.
I expect.

No matter how bad life becomes, sunshine always breaks through,
Providing warmth and promise in a winter of discontent.
Your days are numbered, but your dreams are not,
Hold faith for the future, your dreams will come true.
I anticipate.

Copyright © 2003 David Wyatt