I've been looking forward to asking the general public this question on beauty. I found out that a number of men out there are going crazy for anything in skirt. You need to be told that beauty is just for a while. At a particular age, you will not be able to brag about your beauty because it going to fade with time, but character, which is part of you, can always be there because it's what you exhibit everyday.

You could be handsome or beautiful, but you're going to have no pride to protect if you meet a critical person who's interested in your character. If you think you're getting married to a beauty queen, you will know the real beauty when supper time becomes, the time for fasting and prayer or the first thing she does in the morning is to get your office clothes rumpled.

Why not let us agree that character is the real beauty of any man because it does not fade and it's a pride?

Copyright © 2004 Fola Daniel