Last week when I was driving my children to the park, we were listening to Carman's song " We need God in America again". David, my seven year old son, asked me to explain the song to him. I said that there were some people who did not like prayer in school and did not want God's name uttered in school so they passed a law that prayer should not be allowed in public schools.

To better explain to his tiny mind (I underestimated) I said," Well, they said no more Jesus in school". He instantaneously replied, " If Jesus is not allowed in school, Satan should not be allowed in school either". I was wonderstruck of his profound request. His little heart knows where Christ is not allowed, Satan automatically creeps in.

As parents and believers in Christ, let us all unite in prayer for our children and the future generation praying that Christ will be in their hearts, because there is no rule that Christ is not allowed in your heart.

Copyright © 2004 Caroline Naoroji