My ship, traveling into the oceans called life,
It carries people; good, bad, beautiful, ugly, poor, rich, young and adult.
On our journey sometimes waves come up roaring,
With storms that batter recklessly.
But the walls of my ship are built firmly,
No matter how hard the situation, my Captain maneuvers wisely.

My entire load, I trust to Him to keep it safe.
With his expertise, I need not to worry.
Sometimes the water is calm and sunshine makes my ship glittery,
And sometimes the air blows angrily, makes my ship quiver enormously.
Frightening thunder and horrible sharks ready to attack my load mercilessly,
But my Captain I trust.
I can sleep well, peacefully.
Onto their destination, they can go victoriously,
Because of my Captain, I truly trust sincerely.

Copyright © 2004 Rapport-Ja