The Question of Your PurposeWhy Am I Here?


Sometimes you stop abruptly, look around and fail to relate to the mad rat race. It feels exactly like everything's going round in circles. As kids, we'd stop after a dozen quick rounds and open our eyes to see and feel the 'kick', only that this one is not as much fun.

You start to think about the ultimate PURPOSE.

Why do I exist?

What am I suppose to do?

What am I here for?

What should I desire for and achieve?

Ever since you became capable of understanding things, this question has haunted you. You made and continue to make countless mistakes trying to figure out what the ultimate purpose is and life keeps on getting miserable.

In fact, you were the one to blame always. It's always been like being in a prison. Your only friend that doesn't leave you alone, ever, is Fear.

But will you agree that a criminal commits a crime because down there, in his heart, he believes in something that is not acceptable by humanity, something that is against the very existence of the 'human race' as a whole?

You may not always justify, but at times you reason or just wonder, only to let it go with a sigh. Indeed, "There's nothing like a Permanent Solution. All we do is, 'Ad Hoc'".

So the point is: Are we on the right track?

Because after all is said and done, if we are not, it's not "as good as it could have been". And who doesn't want to make it "THE BEST"?

So this is what I did one fine day, which I suggest you do once in your lifetime, the sooner the better.

Summon some courage; try not to panic and set sail in the search of the Ultimate because if you don't have direction, you have less than nothing. Moreover, maybe sometimes, when you have lost almost everything but a tinge of hope, you feel the PURPOSE is to FIND THE PURPOSE.

Your purpose 'in the essence' could be the Universal Purpose and perhaps you are here to save (or shape) mankind!

Written in 2008 by Ashish P. --- India
That's perhaps the most important of all in life: To figure out what 'the purpose' is.