From My Heart To Yours

A Simple Wish

In the past two years we have learned to grow together as one
As I look back to where it all started,
I smile and get warm inside because from that moment
You taught me a lot about myself and life

We have opened each other's eyes to the meaning
Of a strong and lasting love
My days seem brighter with you in my life
And together is how I hope we will always be

If there were one wish I could make
It would be to let the one wish that has already come true
To last forever.

There could never be another
To hold me
Console me

There will never be another
To love me
Control the soul within me

I could never dream of or accept that from another
For within you I have found all I need to hold me
When all goes wrong
To console me, when there are no open arms
To love me, when at times I may not feel worthy at all.

Copyright 2002 Shauneille M. DeLaney