The Value Of Being Honest

Being Honest

Alistair, a very caring and kindhearted guy, was a responsible son to his family. He always kept his word and moved with people in a very pleasant manner. He had kept his promise to his father by completing his Sister's wedding in style and his father heartily rewarded him with a Mobile Phone. Alistair was very happy to receive such a present from his dad and as the days passed, the phone had become a part of his life and was always handled with great care.

One fine day Alistair was sent on an official tour to one of his company's branch offices in North India, along with his colleague Rupesh. Together they took an Auto Rickshaw from the Railway Station to their Guest House. After entering the Guest House, Alistair thought of calling his mother to convey his safe arrival but when he put his hand into his pocket to retrieve his phone, he was shocked to find the it gone.

He quickly recollected the entire journey and told Rupesh and the others that he had the phone when he had stepped into the Auto. Maybe, while in the vehicle, the phone had slipped out from his pocket.

Immediately Alistair asked Rupesh's for his phone and made a call to his number. He could hear the ring and was happy for a moment, but soon it just stopped. He tried again to call it, then again and again but the result was the same - no answer. He felt that somebody was purposefully disconnecting it.

Everyone could tell that Alistair was very upset about losing the phone. People around him, including Rupesh, start blabbering about it. They started commenting, "Who in this world is so honest as to return a lost phone especially an Auto or Taxi driver? They always wait for some occasion like this to make a profit out of things".

Alistair was totally disappointed to hear this. He asked his colleagues not to blame the poor driver. It was because of his own indifference he had lost the phone and for this, the driver couldn't be blamed. After a few minutes, Alistair forgot about the incident and cheerfully started to inquire about everyone's life there in the Guest House.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, followed by the ringing of the doorbell. Rupesh opened the door and was surprised to see the Auto driver. The man handed over the mobile phone to Rupesh and only said he had intentionally disconnected the call because he was already on his way back to return the phone.

Rupesh called out for Alistair and started shouting, "Alistair's mobile phone is not lost and it has come back to him in style". People in the Guest House suggested to Alistair that he give some small tip to the driver for returning the phone.

Alistair hesitated a bit about this idea. Then, out of compulsion, he took out Rs. 100 from his pocket and gave it to the man, thanking him for returning the phone.

Seeing the money, the driver's face turned red hot and he angrily replied that he had not returned the phone in order to get this reward but had done it knowing that he was helping somebody get a lost item back. If he had been money minded, he would have retained the phone and made a profit of 1000s.

The driver finally said that the words "Thank You" were enough to show he was appreciated and had asked Alistair not to be so careless in he future. With these words, he left the room.

This event was more than enough for the people there to realize that, "Happiness lies in one's Honesty and not in their Possessions".

Thus Alistair's quality of being honest had shown the others that "An Honest Face remains smiling forever".

Copyright 2008 Sandeep Kumar --- Dubai