Be Strong Don't Give Up and Don't Give In

Sink or Swim
by Jonathan Cretsinger

Pain what is your game? You have pulled me into this drowning pool. I am getting dizzy from going round and round with you.

Please step a little closer, so I can vomit all over you. You are a miserable piece of work, but you have had all eternity to practice your crafty art. God damn you for tearing me apart!

If it was not enough, you bring along your friends Loneliness and Despair. Is your goal for me to pull out all my hair?!

Do me a favor. Don't move. I need time to reload. *hit! I'm all out of ammo. Hand to hand combat would be nice, but since you have none, I will have to run to a new hiding place.

How does Pain find me, this new friend of mine? From the moment we meet, my life has not been the same.

Hello, operator. Is my name listed in the misery game? Who is it that is calling and asking for me by name? Please tell them I am unlisted from this hall of shame.

Pain, I'm not checking out of the mortal game, so do us a favor, and stop changing the rules to this *ucking game!

Just when I think I know how to play, you pull a fast one and I'm having a tough time from going insane.

Do you enjoy seeing the misery that I am in? Unable to sink or swim? I'm caught up in your whirlpool of sorrow and self-pity.

Please, I need help from above! Send me an angel to save my soul and deliver me from this drowning pool Pain has me dizzied in.

Send me my angel that is standing so near the edge. What is her plan as I struggle to work this one out? I know she has been here before, for that is what gives her the strength to keep herself from pulling me to shore.

Must I drown in order to live? Must I give in to surrender in order to survive? This is a strange battle I don't know if I will really win.

The weapons I have collected throughout my life are not working, and I feel that I am running out of time.

My angel of love, will you at least wind my watch of endurance in hopes that it will be enough time for me to find a new source of reassurance?

I don't want to drown in this sorrow pollution. It has a bad taste and I feel I am getting numb as I search for my solution.

Must I surrender to you Pain in order for you to cease? Just tell me how, but I know I will resist.

Just one last thing to say, before you tighten your grip and deliver that life threatening twist, but I need your full attention.

...... You will NEVER win!

Copyright 2001 Jonathan Cretsinger
Notes From The Author:
To those who are thinking about giving up: There is light at the end of the tunnel.