The Possibilites Are Endless

More Than Just a Snow Man

It might have been a really bad stressful day, feeling trapped inside by the cold and snow which surrounded us. My husband was the first to shift his consciousness, as the occupants of our home chose to experience the definition of stir crazy inside. He dressed accordingly and announced that he was going outside to build a giant snowman.

At first he stood alone, piling massive amounts of snow. Soon after a neighbor joined in my husband's quest to embrace the opportunity the winter presented. Maintaining less than desirable attitudes, we reluctantly put on our snow gear and headed outside. It wasn't long before we were smiling and enjoying the abundance of snow that Mother Nature had provided. Others came to our yard one by one to give a hand in the making of our giant snowman.

In the end we all stood back and marveled at what we had created. He was eleven feet high, twenty-five feet around at the base and adorn with many household items supplied by various families. There he stood, our glorious, gigantic snowman. He truly was magnificent and exemplified the best of human spirit.

People drove by and smiled. Some even stopped to enjoy his sheer existence. The spirit that went into creating him seemed to catch on and we all enjoyed it while the cold temperatures allowed.

With the passing of time, the spring made its way back into our yard and the snowman changed form considerably. In a final effort to save what we created for just a little bit longer somebody stopped by and changed the snowman's remains to look like a rabbit.

As I prepared for the start of another week, I decided to check my email before going to bed. I found a curious message that contained the subject line: enjoy the snowman. I decided to read the message even though I did not recognize who sent it. The words it contained melted my heart.

The email said: ...your neighbor looks on in disbelief! I am sure you people are relishing the sounds and smells, along with sights of spring. The energy displayed in Mr. Snowman or Ms., is filled with vigor and joyous energy. You and your family keep it up, as this is what the world needs now. Love sweet love. More power to you and your loved ones, keep sharing with the world around.

Perhaps it was more than a snowman we built that day. I'd like to agree that it was. The message seems clear. Our circumstances will turn out to be what we make of them. The possibilities are endless and the choice is ours.

Copyright 2007 Shirley Warren
Shirley Warren describes her writing as the best excuse she can find for avoiding housework. Her works are based on her desire to find inspiration in ordinary day to day experiences.