Sometimes God Works In Mysterious Ways

Does God Help Even When We Don't Ask?

My mother emailed me and asked a favor, "Would you find a florist in Woodbine, New Jersey to deliver flowers or something appropriate to Greg's family?"

He was a friend of my parents and had just passed away. Because my parents live in Florida and we live in New Jersey, they thought that I would know where to call. I was unfamiliar with the town and the family involved but figured I would try to help.

I asked my husband to jump on the Internet and find a florist in Woodbine. He called me back after an hour of searching and said there were no florists in Woodbine. The best he could come up with was in the surrounding towns. We choose one that was about 9 miles away.

We were skeptical that the florist would cooperate because we had no phone number and no street number for the road on which Greg's family lived.

When I called the florist, she listened to our plight and then miraculously she answered, "No problem! I know the family well. I will send something appropriate!"

I believe God led us to exactly the right person to help.

Copyright 2007 Bobbie Causey --- Submitted by Richard Causey